Angie: Living Fire

<<Extra: Cat Stuck in Tree, Helps Catch Armed Robbers

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said as we pulled out of the parking lot of the animal shelter once I had shifted out of cat form.

“I didn’t say anything,” Robbie said. “You should buckle your seat belt, though.”

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Extra: Cat Stuck in Tree, Helps Catch Armed Robbers

<< Robbie: Trust Fall

Earlier today, police officers happened to be nearby when a stray cat was found stuck in a tree outside Metroville City Bank. The cat was extracted from the tree just as a group of suspicious characters was leaving the bank. The bank’s alarm went off moments later, and quick thinking on the part of Officer James Morton lead to the capture of the five men who had just robbed the bank. No details have been released as to how the robbery took place.

Officer Morton commented, “I’m thankful for that cat getting stuck. If it hadn’t, we wouldn’t have been anywhere nearby to respond as quickly.”

The cat, a female with long white fur, has been taken to the local animal shelter and will be put up for adoption if unclaimed by the end of the week.

– Gale Foresight, Metroville News on Demand

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Kerry: Parent Trap

<< Hunting

Saying that it was a miracle I was alive is kind of an understatement. That I only got a concussion and some bruises from the ceiling falling in on me was well nigh unheard of.

I sat on my bed, watching the fire I held in my palm. It kind of tickled. I closed my eyes against a pounding headache. These headaches had been happening ever since I’d woken up in the hospital. I figured they had something to do with my concussion. The headache faded after a few minutes.

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Angie: Hunting.

<< Suspicious Fire Injures Local Teen

My tail twitched angrily. It still surprised me how it responded to my emotions rather than moving according to my direction, as I am used to my limbs doing. Well, I had a reason to be angry. My best friend was in the hospital, my other best friend was grounded for who knows how long for being involved in whatever he’d been involved in, and I had been left in the dark. I hate being left in the dark. And since I had no other way of figuring out what was going on, I’d only have to be creative in order to figure out what was going on.

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Extra: Suspicious Fire Injures Local Teen

<< Montage

A fire was set in an abandoned mill in downtown Metroville late this afternoon. Rescue workers initially believed the building to be empty until a bystander informed them that his sister had entered the building earlier. Firefighters were able to find the girl, who had been trapped inside by a collapsed beam. Miraculously, she sustained only minor injuries from the partial collapse of the building. She was transported to Metroville General Hospital and will be held for observation overnight.

Authorities have been able to confirm that the fire was arson, but they do not believe that the girl was responsible for setting it. They believe that there is a strong connection between this fire and several fires earlier this month. Authorities ask that anyone who knows anything about these fires contact the Arson Helpline immediately.

– Gale Foresight, Metroville News On Demand.

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Kerry: Montage

<< Power Test

According to any superhero lore, the next step in an origin story after the initial origins part and figuring out how to control the powers is an epic training montage with a debut pop song with a suitably awesome rhythm playing in the background as the hero (or heroes) discovers the range and extent of his powers—or builds a super suit that will later be exploited by the villain of choice.

I wasn’t going to have anything to do with it.

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Robbie: Power Test

<< Penny for Your Thoughts

My sister thinks our abilities had something to do with kicking a pebble into a wishing well, and that it was somehow all her fault. I mean, it’s cute and all, but I just don’t buy that explanation. It is like her to blame herself for anything bad that happens to us. Not that she’s ever been directly hurt by any of her accidents. She once fell three flights of stairs and only got a few bruises. Looked funny, though.

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Kerry: Penny for Your Thoughts

<< More Than a Mistake

“Kerry, make sure that you don’t start the zombie apocalypse by ordering a sandwich.”

I ignored Chuck. Why had we run into him, of all people, on our day off? I stepped up to the counter to order a salad. Not that I thought a zombie apocalypse was possible, but it’s best not to risk it. Naturally, they were out of salad. I ordered a sandwich after all. I didn’t want salad anyway.

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