Finding Your Own Voice

I’m going to suggest a completely absurd thought about writing, here. You might unfollow me for this and say that I’m no real writer.

But have you ever considered the absurd notion that what you wrote might just be absolutely fine the first time? That maybe, just maybe, writing doesn’t need to always be this arduous process of endless writing and re-writing and slaving over several versions of the same piece and trying to decide which one is best?

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Character Traits

I love playing the game, “If you were a literary character, who would you be?” Sometimes when I think about it, I get the same feeling as I do when I give gifts. That feeling of, “Ah yes, this comparison is IT,” and until I get that feeling, I keep thinking, “Eeeehhhh.. that’s not it.”

So a few friends of mine and I started talking about it. The Risable Rambler started it, and then the Dinky Bird and Me and another friend and I got into it. We shortly all agreed that Risabella is Jo March from Little Women. After much discussion, we eventually concluded that our other friend was Miranda from The Tempest (after considering Kanga from Winnie the Pooh, Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, Viola from Twelfth Night, amongst others), and I insisted that Dinky Bird and Me is either Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility or Lizzie Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. I’m thinking Marianne just works for her (the other choices for her are Galadriel and Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, or Jane Eyre).

Who did they insist I am?

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An Evening Out

Downtown is, as a rule, less crowded on Monday. And, since it’s summer, the light lingers longer in the evenings. Two explorers have agreed to spend their Monday evenings exploring the workings of downtown. One explorer is decidedly less familiar with the area, but is excited because she has discovered new places to experience. Most notably, a coffee/book shop that’s taken over the ground floor of the old city hall. The architecture is stately, but not ornate. The book shop is on the right and bleeds into the coffee shop on the left, at the back. Old books, not for sale, decorate the walls. The coffee shop offers hard, straight-backed chairs and tables. One explorer discovers that the couches on the left side are free. She missed them because they were occupied on her first visit. One couch is a big, squishy ordeal of fake leather. It smells ever so slightly of mildew. You sink deep into the cushions when you sit on it, and it’s almost like you’re sitting on the floor, only much more comfortable. The other couch is a light colored fabric, tattered in places. Both couches are obviously old, worn, and well-used.

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Kerry: Parent Trap

<< Hunting

Saying that it was a miracle I was alive is kind of an understatement. That I only got a concussion and some bruises from the ceiling falling in on me was well nigh unheard of.

I sat on my bed, watching the fire I held in my palm. It kind of tickled. I closed my eyes against a pounding headache. These headaches had been happening ever since I’d woken up in the hospital. I figured they had something to do with my concussion. The headache faded after a few minutes.

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The More You Know

Rather than canon balling into the deep end of my new job, I feel like I’ve gradually eased into it. If I haven’t said (or you don’t remember), I’m a copywriter now. (When I’m talking to people, I always stop and spell it, because they usually think I’m talking about copyrighting.) So I write advertisements, descriptions, announcements, and other various things that don’t have my name attached to them.

Initially, everyone wanted to set me loose and let me write whatever without giving me anything besides the basic directions. I think the idea was to see what I’m capable of.

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Angie: Hunting.

<< Suspicious Fire Injures Local Teen

My tail twitched angrily. It still surprised me how it responded to my emotions rather than moving according to my direction, as I am used to my limbs doing. Well, I had a reason to be angry. My best friend was in the hospital, my other best friend was grounded for who knows how long for being involved in whatever he’d been involved in, and I had been left in the dark. I hate being left in the dark. And since I had no other way of figuring out what was going on, I’d only have to be creative in order to figure out what was going on.

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Extra: Suspicious Fire Injures Local Teen

<< Montage

A fire was set in an abandoned mill in downtown Metroville late this afternoon. Rescue workers initially believed the building to be empty until a bystander informed them that his sister had entered the building earlier. Firefighters were able to find the girl, who had been trapped inside by a collapsed beam. Miraculously, she sustained only minor injuries from the partial collapse of the building. She was transported to Metroville General Hospital and will be held for observation overnight.

Authorities have been able to confirm that the fire was arson, but they do not believe that the girl was responsible for setting it. They believe that there is a strong connection between this fire and several fires earlier this month. Authorities ask that anyone who knows anything about these fires contact the Arson Helpline immediately.

– Gale Foresight, Metroville News On Demand.

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Growing Up

So I graduated. And I got a full-time job. So I have officially started my adult life. Needless to say, I have mixed feelings.

Why should I have mixed feelings? I finished my last semester of grad. school with two A’s, got a job right after graduation, when I know many people don’t get jobs for years after their graduation. And it’s in my field no less. My job is relaxed (for the moment; I have been assured that it will get stressful as time moves on), I work with great people, and I have a great environment. Literally there is nothing to complain about. Aside from boredom, but that is easily alleviated. I have so much I am thankful for, and God has blessed me so much.

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What’s Wrong? You Look Sad!

The most annoying five words (technically six) in the entire English language.

Have you ever been just sitting around, lost in thought, and some concerned citizen approaches and asks, “What’s the matter? You look like you’re about to cry!” Always, you reply, “I’m fine, I’m just thinking.”

Five minutes later. Same. Exact. Thing.

Well, I wasn’t upset the first time, but you can bet I probably am now.

I like to sit around, surrounded by my thoughts. Chances are, if I’m just sitting on my bed, staring at the ceiling, or at my desk, staring out the window or at the shifting background of my computer screen, my mind is in a completely different world. And usually, when I’m thinking about a completely different world, my face just looks blank. And apparently that blank face looks like it’s seconds from tears.

But lately? My imagination has become so vivid that my daydreams have become almost physical. My body tenses when the situation in my head gets tense. My heart pounds like I’m the one with the gun pointed at her head, and not my character. If something happy happens, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear.

I thought your imagination was supposed to dull as you got older. Guess not.

So if you ever find me curled up in a dark room, shaking because I’ve somehow scared myself silly with my own imagination, do me a favor and turn the lights on. And then leave me alone, because I’m gonna need to rescue my imaginary characters from whatever deathtrap I’ve put them in. Or start over. Because chances are, if they’re in that deep, I won’t know how to fix it.