I have a very dear friend who doesn’t do surprises. It’s not really that she doesn’t like surprises, but that she always winds up spoiling them. Gift giving isn’t really a love language in her family, but they also think it’s really important that everyone get presents for special occasions. So what usually winds up happening is my friend picks a bunch of things she has wanted and asks for them. Almost invariably, she gets those things. But for some reason, her family still wraps the things. No real surprise in the opening of presents.

It’s the same with plots to movies, TV shows, and books. She reads summaries before actually watching or reading the thing.

I don’t get it.

Occasionally I’ve been tempted to look ahead so much because I just wanted to find out what happens, but that is very rare. And the more I like the thing, the less willing I become to let it get spoiled. I knew almost nothing about Civil War when it came out, besides who was in it. I know there’s a blogger that does a detailed summary of each new issue of my favorite manga, Skip Beat, before the translations come out, but I won’t even look at the raws that blogger posts with the summary. I usually don’t even watch trailers to new movies, if possible.

Can anybody explain to me why spoiling things is OK?


To Give a Gift

“What do you want for ….?”

Birthdays, Christmas. Any holiday that involves gifts, you’ll usually run into this question. And despite the fact that you’ve spent the entire year going, “Oh, I like that, I should ask for it for Christmas/my birthday,” you’ll probably have no idea what to say in response to the question.

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