About the Pool

Why did I decide to call my blog The Green Glass Pool? It’s a reference to some of my favorite books, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, by Patricia C. Wrede. It’s a four book series about princesses who refuse to be proper, kings who refuse to be kingly, dragons who refuse to be dragonly, witches who refuse to be witchy, a magician who refuses to speak clearly, and wizards who refuse to behave. They’re full of adventure and fairy tales, all mixed together and stirred up.

In those stories, there is the briefest mention of a place in the Enchanted Forest called the Green Glass Pool. The Pool itself is mostly insignificant to the story, other than the fact that Mendanbar meets a princess there that leads him to eventually meet Cimorene, the princess of the king of the dragons, Kazul. It is described as a picturesque, peaceful resort from everyday life. The pool is always perfectly still, acting as a mirror of everything around it, and since it’s in a forest, it’s green from reflecting the leaves.

In my mind, the Pool is something like the ideal place. It’s the place to go to enjoy one’s solitude and just sit and think, or write, or do nothing in particular. You might say that the Last Homely House would be just as good a place for such doings, but the Last Homely House is too noisy for quiet contemplation and writing. There are elves in and out, singing at odd times in the night, and who knows when a full company of dwarves will blow in, hobbit in tow, on a reckless adventure, running from trolls or some nameless evil?

But the Pool? No one lives there, so things happening there is very rare. Sure, you might have the king of the Enchanted Forest popping up out of no where, wife, dragon, magician, and witch in tow (pursued, of course, by at least a dozen wizards and a couple of cats), but that’s highly out of the ordinary.

So, the Green Glass Pool is a place of solace for thinking, but it’s just a few steps away from adventure and delight.


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