Updating Life

I would be the first to admit that I’m not the best at finishing things. It’s been approximately 3 months since my last post and I have no less than 8 drafts of posts that are all but finished, barely started, just an idea, or multiple versions of the same thing that I can’t figure out which to use. Those same 8 drafts have been there for the past 3 months, completely untouched. I haven’t even opened WordPress in that time.

Was the break intentional? Initially, but it wasn’t meant to be prolonged.

I had had grand plans of taking the entire month of November (NaNoWriMo) and all my free time therein to finish (or come close to finishing) Freak Accidents (because I actually do have an end in mind), but something happened somewhere in the middle of November that made me too excited to accomplish those grand plans.

My life updated. A friend needed a roommate and I realized that it was financially feasible for me to move out. We decided we’d move at the end of December.

And my mind went into overdrive. I started planning meals and thinking about all that boring stuff that adults have to think about like lamps and tables and desks and little important things like what are you going to sleep on and where are you going to keep your clothes. Never mind that it’s still a month and a half away I want to go furniture shopping!

But there was something else. See, I grew up with cats. We always had cats. I needed a cat. My roommate said she loves cats and she also grew up with cats… but she’s allergic. Never mind furniture and food, I must solve this problem! I will find us a hypoallergenic cat that she can bury her face in because everybody deserves to get the opportunity to rub their nose in a cat’s fur (belly preferred, but not the best option depending on the cat).

But wait… we won’t want to share one cat. That’s terrible. What if it decides to chose only one of us and ignore the other? What if it feels crowded being loved on by two people? I must find TWO hypoallergenic cats!

So the quest began. I think I looked at hundreds of cats, and inquired about at least a dozen or more. By the end of December, we had adopted two Siamese. Jitterbug is a seal-point Siamese we affectionately and accurately call Jitters, and Lindyhop is a lynx-point Siamese we affectionately call Lindy (NOT Lindsay). You can find their story in “Dance Kittens Dance: A Fur-baby Story.”

It’s been almost a month since the move-in day. The most notable thing I’ve learned about the moving process is the boxes. There are so many boxes. And just when I think we’re done with the boxes? More appear. It doesn’t help that we keep ordering things online (shelves and clothes and kitchen stuff) and all those things come in yet more boxes. I look forward to the day when there’s NOT a small pile of boxes by the door waiting for one of us to have the time and inclination to take them out.

This all may seem boring and mundane and my excitement and fascination about these things may amuse you, but… well, it’s all new to me. I started out this year in a brand new home, with a couple of brand new furry friends, and a brand new perspective on life. And while most people seem to think that 2016 ended in a storm of ashes, I think it ended rather well, from a  much smaller perspective.


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