Extra: Cat Stuck in Tree, Helps Catch Armed Robbers

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Earlier today, police officers happened to be nearby when a stray cat was found stuck in a tree outside Metroville City Bank. The cat was extracted from the tree just as a group of suspicious characters was leaving the bank. The bank’s alarm went off moments later, and quick thinking on the part of Officer James Morton lead to the capture of the five men who had just robbed the bank. No details have been released as to how the robbery took place.

Officer Morton commented, “I’m thankful for that cat getting stuck. If it hadn’t, we wouldn’t have been anywhere nearby to respond as quickly.”

The cat, a female with long white fur, has been taken to the local animal shelter and will be put up for adoption if unclaimed by the end of the week.

– Gale Foresight, Metroville News on Demand

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