Since I started working where I work, it’s become sort of a standing joke that I don’t like food in general. Which isn’t true, strictly speaking.

I love food.

I’m just very passionate about hating the foods that I hate.

Let’s start with bananas. I detest bananas. It saddens me that a popular Doctor Who quote is “bananas are good.” Because bananas are radically opposite of good. I hate everything about them, from the smell to the taste. The worst thing is taking the lid off of a trashcan and getting bowled over by a wave of banana stench. Equally annoying is the fact that bananas are in most kinds of shakes. Once you’ve got a little bit of banana in something, that’s all you can taste (though kale does a surprisingly good job of masking the taste). Once, I ordered a watermelon creamslush from Sonic and got a strawberry-banana creamslush instead. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Other dislikes are much more moderate. I can and will eat something I don’t prefer if someone has kindly made it for me or set it in front of me at a dinner table. So I’m perfectly capable of eating ham, apples, pears, pumpkin, peas, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, corn bread, iced tea (the Southern kind), caramel, milk chocolate, and most kinds of cake* **. It’s just that none of those things are things that I would choose to eat myself, and some of them I dislike more than others. I’ll eat them, but don’t expect me to eat more than one helping.

*It’s not exactly that I dislike cake. It’s just that most cakes are far too sweet for me, and the combination of icing and the cake itself overwhelms me and makes me sick. Which is why I prefer fruit flavors, because their tartness balances the sweetness, and dark chocolate, because its bitterness balances the sweetness.

**Note that this list does not include bananas. Because that’s one thing I just won’t eat.

So in the end, it’s really all a matter of preferences. And everyone has their fair share of preferences. I’m just a bit more vocal about mine at times. Lately I’ve tried saying things in a different way. Rather than “I don’t like that,” I try saying “I prefer not to eat it” or “I’m not overly fond of it.” But I really hate bananas.


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