All Or Nothing

A friend of mine from The Dinky-Bird and Me and I recently had a discussion about character traits. It started because I decided to reboot my wardrobe. With the exception of a few items of clothing that I really like, I wanted to get rid of most of my clothes and limit what I buy to what fits into a specific style. Of course, this requires settling on a specific style in the first place. Given that it’s summer, this style must be adaptable to hot weather. Very hot weather. But I don’t want different wardrobes for spring, summer, fall, and winter, so I need layering capabilities. And given that my job requires me to wear skirts, this style must also look nice with both slacks and skirts.

Once I’d decided on the style (sort of a derivation of British school uniforms), I realized that I really wasn’t going to wear most of my clothes until I got everything I needed for the completion of my new wardrobe. So the purge began. My clothes purchases have previously been along the lines of “whatever I think looks nice at the time.” Never mind if the item of clothing doesn’t really go with everything else in my closet. I like it. Never mind if I have maybe one thing that I’d wear it with. I like it. Thus my wardrobe became far bigger than it really needed to be. I also realized that my personality (and size) just doesn’t go along with elegant clothing. Cute, yes. Elegant, not so much. So, flowy? Toss. Cowl necked? Toss. Sparkly? Toss.

Well, then I had nothing to wear. So I went shopping. (Just for the record,  ThredUp is a really great site!) Another friend of mine who recently started (re-started?) her blog,  Living in a Southern World, suggested that I was going a little too narrow in my purchases. But that was kind of the whole point. Staying in a certain style is better (and more economic) than just getting  a bunch of things and hoping that they go together. This way, I can only buy something if it actually matches the style, and not just if I like it.

What’s my point? Well, this all happened within the past week or so (of writing this post, not necessarily of publishing it). And my wardrobe reboot is almost complete (with the exception of a few items that I will need for winter).

So I very much have an all-or-nothing approach to things (no doubt a big reason why I struggle to space paper-writing out over longer periods of time rather than writing it all in one sitting). Not only that, but once I’ve set my mind on doing something, it will happen. Most likely in the same day as the day I decide to do it.


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