Adulthood Is Stupid: Part 2

So a friend of mine, The Risabella Rambler, recently posted this post, “Adulthood Is Stupid,” which details all the reasons why children really shouldn’t want to grow up. And everything she says is all very true. Everything that we wanted to have as children that only adults get isn’t as free, or as fun, as we wanted it to be.

However, my life isn’t as bad as it should be, per my friend. I like my job and my co-workers, my rent is allowing me to pay for stuff, and my life is actually coming together quite nicely. I may not have an active social life, but I go out when I want to go out and stay in when I want to stay in. Sure, I’d like to be able to travel, but I have friends who wait and save up for travel opportunities, and I can work with that. And while the world is going to pots around our ears, it’s kind of been doing that since day 1, so I’m not particularly worried about anything, unless it suddenly stops going to pots. Which I think would be more worrying than everything else. Everything is pretty ok for me.

Except marriage.

Because the one thing that I’ve always wanted is the one thing that I don’t have. And sometimes it feels like everyone and everything around me just throws that back in my face, a little harder each day.

Sometimes it feels like the couples get rewarded for being couples, and the singles get punished for being single. A couple gets wedding showers to start them on their lives together, so that friends and loved ones can make sure that the newly married couple doesn’t spend their first few months sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. Singles are expected to skrimp and save and furnish their first apartments on their own. Nobody helps launch a person’s life into singleness (which is why I want to have a housewarming party when I do get my apartment).

And then you have the fact that almost everyone around you is married, engaged, dating, not interested, or the wrong gender.

And some people get married or start a relationship and forget that their single friends exist.

And you have all of the societal push towards dating and marriage in general, and enough people have probably talked about that that I wouldn’t add anything by mentioning it. Just adding it to the list of reasons why adulthood is stupid.

Do you want to know the stupidest thing about it? I actually really like the single life. I just hate how lonely it is.

I guess Adulthood Is Stupid: Part 3 would be from the perspective of the person who doesn’t make enough money to live and is single and wants to be married.

What it all boils down to? Our struggles are divinely appointed. They are the struggles that we can handle (with God’s help, of course), even when it feels like we can’t. They are the struggles that make us grow, even when it feels like we aren’t.


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