A friend of mine who also blogs, puzzledustblog, told me about her blogging process. She starts a bunch of drafts and doesn’t finish them, and on posting day, she finishes one and publishes that.

This was a practically unheard of practice to me. Yet it makes so much sense if you want to post regularly. And now, just like that, I have 3 drafts and 4 scheduled posts (those numbers may change once I finish and schedule this post). Not sure how that happened. Previously, I’d written all of my blog posts and published them once I finished them, all on the same day. Must be a hold over from writing papers. Because 90% of the papers that I have written were written the day/night before… or, in some cases, the morning of. I’ll never forget the day that I wrote a 5000 word research paper in the 24 hours before it was due.

Who knew that you could write things ahead of time?


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