Sometimes when I get bored, I fiddle with things. You may see me at my desk on any given workday as I’m puzzling through how to word something I’m trying to write fiddling with whatever happens to be on my desk. When I started my job, they gave me a whole bunch of little gifts, called chachkies  (which is Yiddish for trinkets). I have a squishy baseball, which I use as a stress ball, a rubber band ball which I put together myself during my first or second week when no one had anything for me to do and I spent the whole day reading magazine articles and blog posts, a something I don’t know what to call, an EOS egg, and a little puffball. I also have a slinky, one of those peg games from Cracker Barrel, and a little bell, but those were not chachkies. All of these items are necessary for my continued sanity.

When I’m not working, when I get bored, I fiddle with other things. Hence why my blog has undergone a make-over.

So, I’m trying a new look, and I’m liking the menu thing. Please comment if you like/dislike/have suggestions/have an opinion you’d like to share.

Also, please note the “follow from email” button at the bottom of whatever page you’re viewing. 🙂


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