Extra: Suspicious Fire Injures Local Teen

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A fire was set in an abandoned mill in downtown Metroville late this afternoon. Rescue workers initially believed the building to be empty until a bystander informed them that his sister had entered the building earlier. Firefighters were able to find the girl, who had been trapped inside by a collapsed beam. Miraculously, she sustained only minor injuries from the partial collapse of the building. She was transported to Metroville General Hospital and will be held for observation overnight.

Authorities have been able to confirm that the fire was arson, but they do not believe that the girl was responsible for setting it. They believe that there is a strong connection between this fire and several fires earlier this month. Authorities ask that anyone who knows anything about these fires contact the Arson Helpline immediately.

– Gale Foresight, Metroville News On Demand.

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