During the protracted gap between “Power Test” and “Montage,” I got stuck on how to continue on with the story. I knew that Kerry needed to have some kind of an experience with her abilities to get past her fears. For the longest time, I was determined that that experience would be saving someone. My hang-up was that I didn’t know who she would save. Where would there be a fire that she would willingly go into that would also have one single unsuspecting victim needing rescuing?

In the way I had it worked out earlier, she found a random guy tied up in a room in the burning mill. And I kept thinking, “That’s no good, now everybody is going to think he’s important, but he’s just a plot device.”

Then I remembered that I’d decided that she didn’t need to rescue someone, she just needed to experience her powers more fully and understand them, because she’s really just an adrenaline junky at heart. And then I’d thought that it had already published, but apparently, I don’t actually know how WordPress works and it didn’t publish when I told it to. So I changed it and published the correct version.

I’m just making this post to state that since this blog is primarily about developing writing ability, if I have a change of heart or realize that something I’ve done won’t work artistically, I will pentimento. I will repent what I’ve done before and go back and change it. This doesn’t cover typos and small errors, but it does cover bigger things like this.


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