You know that thing where you have such good intentions for life and your goals are so clear and so achievable… and then two weeks later you’ve watched 9 consecutive seasons of some random TV show and haven’t slept in any kind of regular pattern?

Yeah. That happened. Except it happened all summer, and then school started up again and I began my second to last semester of grad. school, which came as close to torture as physically possible, and Christmas break happened and I got nothing accomplished. Then I started my final semester and I’m teaching my own classes and I’m having what is probably going to be the easiest semester ever.

But most of that is just a big excuse for not blogging. What really happened is I got stuck on an idea (for Freak Accidents) and I couldn’t figure out how to continue in a way that I liked. So I didn’t post at all. Or I kept starting a post and then would never finish it. But my impending graduation and future life in creative writing encourages me to revive my blog and write, write, write!


One thought on “Revival

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