Hello Summer

So school has been officially done for a week now, and you’d think I would have blogged more, what with all of the free time I’ve had. I guess blogging is sort of one of my escapes from schoolwork, so I don’t think about it much when I don’t have school. I mean, typically, during summer, I do absolutely nothing. I wake up at noon, go to sleep at 3 AM. And do nothing. Except for watch movies and TV. Usually alone.

But this summer is going to be different. It’s already different. I’ve already read two books, gone on a hike, worked, watched a bunch of movies (not alone), created a Twitter account, and look, I’m actually blogging! Still waking up ridiculously late, but I’m working on that.

Now, I have stories to work on. Namely, Freak Accidents. Among other things. I’m looking forward to this. 🙂


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