Freak Accidents

Welcome to my ongoing story, Freak Accidents. The premise is basically a reversal of expectations, or things happening in ways that you wouldn’t expect in any way. The story (thus far) follows the adventures/mis-adventures of three characters, Robbie, Kerry, and Angie. Robbie and Kerry are siblings, Angie is their oldest friend. Through means unbeknownst to them (though they do guess at those means), they have all gotten superpowers. Robbie can see the future, Kerry can control fire, and Angie can shape shift. Each installment is told in first person, and I’ve identified who is speaking at the beginning of each section.

I’ve had this idea for a while now and I’m glad to see it finally getting developed. That being said, a lot of the story is still under development, so what happens next may be just as unknown to me as it is to you. But that’s what makes it fun. Putting it on the blog inspires me to actually do something with it, instead of letting it sit in my head gathering dust.

Please feel free to comment with anything you’d like to say about the story. I may answer questions about future plots, but I may not.

Below are links to each installment, or you may navigate through the drop down menu above.

Kerry: More Than a Mistake

Kerry: Penny for Your Thoughts

Robbie: Power Test

Kerry: Montage

Extra: Suspicious Fire Injures Local Teen

Angie: Hunting

Kerry: Parent Trap

Angie: Tracking

Robbie: Trust Fall

Extra: Cat Stuck in Tree, Helps Catch Armed Robbers

Angie: Living Fire

Hope you enjoy!


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