Late Nights, Early Mornings

Several times this semester, I have begun the evening by thinking, “I have so much to do, I’ll probably need to stay up all night to finish it all.” I’ve noticed a distinctive trend in my thought processes whenever this happens.

9:00 P.M. – This is looking like it’s going to be a long night. I should check my email and Facebook really quick before I really get down to work, because I probably won’t stop until at least 4.

10:00 – Oh, just one more YouTube video. I mean, if I’m gonna be up all night, I might as well enjoy myself for a bit.

11:00 – What is even due tomorrow, anyway?

12:00 A.M.- I have read 2 pages out of 50. I’m doomed.

1:00 – Hey, I’m actually half-way done with one assignment!

2:00 – You know, I can probably just get up a little bit earlier tomorrow to do the next assignment. I’ll just finish this one real quick…

2:01 – Nope. Too tired. Eye closing time. brain shutty downy. slleep slepe.

6:00 – Zzzz- * What? Alarm? Person? World? What? Where’s that sound coming from? Shhh! Quiet! Hmm.. that assignment can wait, like.. half an hour at least. I don’t have to be ready until 8:00 anyway.

8:05 – Oh no! I’mlateI’mlateI’mlateI’mlate!


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