If You Give a Grad Student an Assignment

Absolutely brilliant! 😆

The Risible Rambler

If you give a grad student an assignment, she will probably ask to take a nap first.

If you let her take a nap, then she’ll want a snack when she wakes up.

When you give her a snack, she’ll probably want to check Facebook for a while, because it’s hard to do assignments while you’re eating.

If you let her check Facebook, she’ll see a link to a personality quiz that sounds really interesting and she’ll click on it.

Once she takes the quiz, she’ll have to look up the name of the film character whose personality matches hers because she’s never seen that movie.

After she reads the movie’s plot synopsis, she’ll want to look up a few clips of the movie on YouTube.

She might notice that her keyboard is filthy, so she’ll need a damp paper towel to clean it.

She might clean the screen, too.


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