Personal Space

It is one of my mottos (or it aught to be, or very soon will be) that you can learn anything from anything. And Pinterest has often proven itself to be not only a very great time waster, but also a wonderful opportunity to learn. I will not bore you with the details, other than the fact that I was browsing on Pinterest when I realized something. Personal space is not strictly limited to physical space. Yes, you invade another’s “personal space” when you stand too closely to them, or make them physically uncomfortable somehow. But have you ever realized that personal space can also be visual, auditory, and olfactory?

You intrude on someone’s visual space when forcing another to see something he does not want to see. You intrude on someone’s auditory space by either being too loud or saying something they don’t want to hear. You intrude on someone’s olfactory space by reeking of something unpleasant or putting on too much of a good thing (for example, most perfumes and colognes require 1-2 sprays, not 15-20).

Question 1: do you take into consideration other people’s personal space, be it physical, visual, olfactory, or auditory?

Question 2: have you measured your own “personal bubble” and made sure that its limits are reasonable?

We often unintentionally irritate others by not considering others’ comfort, but we can also bother others by allowing too much to bother us.


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