What to say?

I think I’ve opened the “New Post” window about 100 times in the past few days. And then I stare at the screen, and the words don’t come. Well, words come, but not words I’d like to share with everyone. Something along the lines of, “I’m so busy I shouldn’t be blogging; why am I in grad school? I’m an idiot. Let’s just procrastinate a little more… I’m so tired. I just want to take a nap. Ooh.. puppies…”

That sentence got away from me.

Anyway, my baby blog won’t die so early in its beautiful little life. I am determined not to let it die just because I’m too tired to put words on a screen.

And to prove it, here’s a poem. A rough one, but it’s been bouncing around for a little while.

Step Out

Take a step,
take a chance.
A new life awaits.
Opportunities to learn
who you are,
and Who made you.

He Who made you
who you are
gives an opportunity
for a new life
if you take a chance
and take a step.

Step out.

For the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve been learning to step out of my comfort zone. Looking back on my life, I realize that much of the growth I’ve experienced would not have happened if I had not faced my fears. I probably wouldn’t have as many wonderful friends as I do now, or had so many wonderful experiences. My poem is a challenge. Look for an opportunity to do something that you’re scared of. Whether it’s talking to someone you’re too afraid to talk to, or trying something you think you’re bad at. Today, I went ice skating again. If you read my last post about ice skating, you know I’m not good at it. But today I really enjoyed it, more than I’ve ever done before, because the more I try it, the better I get. So try something new, and step out!


Sit and Chat

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