Too much…

I was thinking a few minutes ago (in the shower, go figure) that it’s surprising that I don’t post more often, because I keep thinking of really great ideas to blog about. At least, I think they’re great ideas. To you, they’re probably only so-so.

The problem isn’t that I don’t have anything to talk about, it’s that I have SO MUCH to say. My life isn’t super exciting, it’s not full of adventure and romantic interludes. I mean, from an outsider’s perspective, you might say that my life is incredibly mundane and boring, full of the same kind of average drama that fills everybody else’s life. So why would I have so much to say?

You see, this is the life that I have to live. And I love every minute of it. Sure, one minute I’m on cloud nine, imagining something that may or may not come to pass as an absolute certainty, and in the next, I’m heartbroken about the very same thing because it’s probably not going to happen. And yes, there is an awful lot of mundanity (no, it’s not a word, just roll with it) in my life. Grading, writing papers, or just sitting around, watching hours of YouTube videos.

And out of everything that I go through, be it easy, hard, fun, life changing, monumental, or a mere repetition of what I did yesterday, no matter what, there is so much to learn. Even the most trivial existence is full of learning. And if I learned something from something hard or mundane, why shouldn’t I be happy about it?


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