English Paper Woes

As an English MA, reading, writing, and conveying information about English has sort of become my life. Reading and writing have almost always been my life, but now, it’s like I eat, sleep, and breath English. Which is wonderful and useful and I enjoy every second of it and would do it all again (I actually wish that I could go back to my freshman year and do it over again, knowing what I know now and appreciating it the way I do now; I’m not a masochist, but I do love school). But since I’ve started this blog, I’ve noticed something interesting.

I can write 100 words on a blog post in less than 5 minutes. But trying to write a paper about the differences between American and British grammars? It’s like pulling eye-teeth for 10 words, let alone 100. What’s the difference between writing here and writing there? And why is it that when I’m writing on a blog, my words just naturally flow out, while on the paper, they seem stiff and stilted and.. impersonal?

Maybe if I were to write my paper on the blog, and then rearranged it, and reworded it a little, and then put it in paper format, I would have this in a cinch? Or else I could accidentally shoot myself in the foot. After all, who would go to a blog to read about plural attributive nouns, do-periphrasis, the past participles of get, and using one as a referent to one? There are more, but the paper isn’t meant to be exhaustive.

See what I mean? I’m at 265 now, and it’s been less than 10 minutes since I started!


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