A Typical Post

Since my first post was a sort of introductory post, and my second post was a self introductory poem, my third post should be, well… an example of whatever you may typically find here at The Green Glass Pool.

So, I have these marbles. They were left in a bag, on the floor, outside my office door. And the note with the bag said that they were for “extra sanity.” Well, I’m all for extra sanity. Goodness knows, I need it. They’ve also come quite in handy for the occasional joke, especially when I leave them somewhere and I get the inevitable reply, “You’ve lost your marbles.” And we laugh and move on with our lives. But that’s not why I’m talking about the marbles.

These marbles, I’ve been carrying them around ever since I got them. When I first started looking at them, I noticed their color. One is green, one a deep blue, and one an orangy-red, like fire. At first I thought, if only I had a white one, they could be the elements, earth, water, fire, and air. I had some marbles in a drawer at home – two more, a light blue one and another green one. But there was something about these marbles, besides making me think about elements.

They had a spark.

Not electricity. Something much stronger than that. I thought that if I dropped them, or broke them, something would happen. If I dropped the dark blue one, a great wave would gush out. The light blue one would start a tornado. And the orange one? Oh, that orange one! If something happened to it, the whole world would ignite. But what about the green ones? That’s where the magic happens. If I dropped them, two perfect trees would grow, faster than could be believed.

They had a spark, those marbles. There was a story in them.


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