A little about myself

I wrote this poem a few years ago. I think it sums up the fundamental aspects of my childhood and background. Only those who grew up with me really know what it means (my brothers and my parents). The purpose isn’t to tell you my complete history, but to make you wonder, “what could the story behind these things be?”

Here I Am.

Bittersweet, chick weed, dandelion salads
and prickly vines.
Blackberries, honeysuckle, spotted berries
and sugared tomatoes.
Mints, quints, and oregano.
They say, “You are what you eat.”
this is me.

Snowmen, snowwomen, snow babies
and snowball fights.
Raking, leaf piles, leaf fights
and leaf sledding.
Cats, dogs, and hamster cages.
They say, “You are who you know,”
this is me.

War games, hide and seek, laser tag
and capture the flag.
Skip-bo, Way Sorry, Gruntz,
and dominoes.
Reading, writing, and thinking.
They say, “You are what you do,”
this is me.

This is me,
what I’m made of,
carved by habits, events
and a Divine Hand,
into a ruby of uncertain value,
this is me.


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